Every California State Fishing Record

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If you’re looking to land the California state record fish in any of the categories below, consider this…

California in the most populous state in America. With 3,000 public lakes, dry lakes, and reservoirs across the state, the numbers still aren’t in your favor. That may seem like a lot of freshwater fishing spots, but that amounts to roughly one lake for every 12,5000 residents.

Now we understand that most of those residents aren’t going to be fishing. Especially not at the same time. But there is some good news for anglers looking to land a California state record…

Some Newer (and Older) Entries

Of the 36 freshwater fish listed as state records in California, over a dozen have been caught since 2000.

As with most states, there are also some longstanding records on the list.

The California record wild cutthroat trout, for instance, was caught in 1911! Its cousin, the record brook trout, was landed in 1932.

Three species of salmon, however, were caught between 2012 and 2013. The record smallmouth was caught in 2007 and channel catfish in 2008.

So, there is hope if you’re looking to land a record of your own.

List of California State Fishing Records

Species WeightLocationAngler
Albacore Tuna90 lbs 0 ozSanta CruzDon Giberson
American Shad7 lbs 5 ozFeather River Craig Stillwell
Arctic Grayling1 lbs 12 ozLobdell Lake Don Acton Jr.
Bigeye Tuna240 lbs 0 ozButterfly BankSteve Hutchinson
Black Crappie4 lbs 1 ozNew Hogan Lake Wilma L. Honey
Black Rockfish9 lbs 2 ozS. F. Light StationTrent Wilcox
Blue Catfish113 lbs 5 ozSan Vicente Reservoir Steve Oudomsouk
Blue Marlin692 lbs 0 ozBalboaA. Hamann
Blue Rockfish3 lbs 14 ozSan CarpoforoTerry Lamb Jr.
Bluefin Tuna243 lbs 11 oz277 SpotKarl E. Schmidbauer
Bluegill Sunfish3 lbs 14 ozRancho Murieta ReservoirMichael Holoubek
Bocaccio Rockfish17 lbs 8 ozPoint St Georges ReefSam Strait
Brook Trout9 lbs 12 ozSilver Lake Texas Haynes
Brown Trout26 lbs 8 ozUpper Twin Lake Danny Stearman
Bull Trout9 lbs 11 ozMcCloud Lake James S. McCloud
Bullhead4 lbs 8 ozTrinity Lakes Gary Dittenbir
Canary Rockfish6 lbs 15 ozUsal BeachKevin Kerns
Carp52 lbs 0 ozNacimiento Lake Lee Bryant
Channel Catfish53 lbs 8 ozSan Joaquin RiverRandall Gilgert Jr.
Chinook (King) Salmon88 lbs 0 ozSacramento River O.H. Lindberg
Coho Salmon22 lbs 0 ozPaper Mill Creek Milton T. Hain
Copper Rockfish8 lbs 3 ozPigeon PointKenny Aab
Cutthroat Trout31 lbs 8 ozLake Tahoe William Pomin
Flathead Catfish72 lbs 14 ozColorado River Billy Potter
Golden Trout9 lbs 8 ozVirginia Lake O.A. Benefield
Green Sunfish1 lbs 12 ozprivate pond near Bella Vistaunknown
Kokanee Salmon4 lbs 13 ozLake Tahoe Dick Bournique
Lake Trout37 lbs 3 ozLake Tahoe Robert G. Aronsen
Largemouth Bass21 lbs 12 ozLake Castaic Michael Arujo
Ling Cod56 lbs 0 ozCrescent CityCarey Mitchell
Mountain Whitefish3 lbs 1 ozLake TahoeGregg Harris
Olive Rockfish5 lbs 14 ozSt. Augustine ReefHaady Forbes
Orangemouth Corvina37 lbs 0 ozSalton Sea Dick Van Dam
Pumpkinseed Sunfish1 lbs 0 ozMt. Meadows Reservoir Dave Smith
Rainbow Trout27 lbs 0 ozLake NatomaFrank Palmer
Rainbow Trout23 lbs 0 ozLake Natoma Jeremy Brucklacher

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