Temple Fork Outfitters: Fly Fishing Rods and Warranty Review

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Temple Fork Outfitters is a company based out of Dallas, Texas, offering conventional and fly-fishing gear. Their rods typically retail from around $150-$350. Their catalog of rods are suited for both novice and veteran anglers alike. Temple Fork also offers fly reels within the same price range.

It will be interesting to see conventional reels offered by this company, but Temple Fork does not offer these yet.

Temple Fork Outfitter’s Fly Fishing Rods: Axiom-II and NXT Black Label Review

Temple Fork Outfitters Review
Temple Fork Outfitters (photo via Mitchell Bunch)

Personally, I have owned and fished extensively with both the 8 wt Axiom-II rod and the 5 wt NXT Black Label combo. The attention to fine detail on both of these products is apparent despite them being at two significantly different price points.

My experience is that the more expensive Axiom-II model, while a bit more enjoyable to fish with, is significantly less durable than the NXT rod. In particular, I have broken the tip off of the Axiom-II rod three times within one year and also had issues with the reel seat. Conversely, the NXT has sustained similar use and wear without encountering any considerable issues.

Fortunately, Temple Fork advertises a lifetime warranty on all rods.

A Solid Warrant Backs an Affordable Product

The process of having my rod repaired was very quick and painless. Every email and phone call to the warranty department was answered promptly. With Temple Fork being such a large company, I was pleasantly surprised by the personable customer service that I find more often at smaller companies.

The repair of the rod was completely free — I just had to pay a small fee for shipping. Within 10 days of shipping it to them, Temple Fork had my rod repaired and returned.

As a college student always looking for reasonably priced fishing gear, I found that while some products can be pricey, the accessibility and coverage of the warranty far outweighs the heftier price tag.

In my experience, the less expensive rods offered by the company are a better, more practical option than the expensive ones simply due to how hard I work my gear.

Because of the extensive warranty on their products — far surpassing some brands of similar quality — I almost exclusively use Temple Fork fly rods. As with many young anglers, I would much rather send a broken rod in to get fixed than to have to buy a whole new rod every time.

Overall, my experience with this company and their products has been great. The fragility of their higher end rod, while inconvenient, was made up for by the great warranty and I definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a US-based fly rod company for their next fishing trip.

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