The 40 Funniest Fishing Memes to Pass the Time

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40 Funny Fishing Memes to Pass the Time

With access to almost all of the wisdom ever recorded in human history, most people spent their time scrolling social media, watching videos and looking at silly memes.

The smartest of the bunch, however, look at funny fishing memes!

Since this is a fishing website, we decided to compile forty hilarious fishing memes to help brighten your day.

If you’ve ever spent much time on the water, you will relate to these all too well.

There Goes Your Savings

Anyone who has taken fishing even a little seriously knows the struggle. You save and save and save for new fishing gear. Or a boat. Or a trolling motor.

And then life hits hard!

I’m sure some of you can relate to this meme more than others. Having a baby is incredible, but so is a new Lowrance Ghost Freshwater Trolling Motor.

You’re Never Getting that Spot

Ok, so maybe this fishing meme is a little morbid. But it’s still good for a chuckle.

A lot of anglers joke about the lengths they will take to keep their fishing spots secure.

This might be a little extreme, though. Maybe a nice little pep talk next time instead?

Making Good Decisions

Funny Fishing Memes_Tough Decisions

Who needs a good job with a 401k plan when you’ve got a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop nearby?

What makes this fishing meme so funny is the fact that most of us — often more than once — have run in the exact same direction!

Consider it a workout. We’ve mentioned before that fishing can be good for your health. Also, it’s way more fun.

(Macho) Man, I Wish I Brought my Fishing Pole

Editor’s Note: I spent two days on a work trip where I stayed right on the shores of Lake Norman and left all my gear at home. This one stings.

If fishing is powerful enough to make a denim-clad Macho Man Randy Savage feel like he’s missing out, then you’ve got no chance!

We recommend that you take a quick break from browsing fishing memes and throw some gear in your car/truck/motor home so you can be certain it will be there the next time you are sitting on a giant rock overlooking a large body of water.

One Giant Leap

Funny Fishing Memes_Workout

If famed psychologist Abraham Maslow was alive, he would probably add fishing to the lowest level of his hierarchy of needs, right next to food and shelter.

In the fishing meme above, though, this kid is making big strides. Who needs relationships, sleep, or kale smoothies when you can catch largemouth bass?

Keep an eye out, because this young man is going places!

A Little White Lie

Now, let’s be clear. We aren’t suggesting that you should hide finances from your spouse or significant other.

We are, however, completely endorsing the idea that you should have 26 fishing rods. Some ultra-light panfish rods and prone to snap, so you might want to stock up.

You never know what might happen.

I’ve Got Friends

Funny Fishing Memes_Best Friends

While this particular meme started as someone wanting to get out of a date, it manifested into an amazing fishing meme over the years.

The beauty here is that most of us have at least one friend who would put on an Oscar-worthy performance to help get us on the water.

If you are reading this and don’t know who that friend is, it might be time to consider making some new friends.

Tiger King, Season 2?

There are two thing exotic about this fishing meme, and we’d rather not have anything to do with either.

That said, you can imagine the ratings would be through the roof if this ended up on Netflix.

Word of advice, Joe: think about making using a fishing net next time.

Survey Says

Funny Fishing Memes_Family Feud

We’ve all got that one friend we would prefer to leave at home instead of taking them fishing, right?

Again, if you don’t know who that friend is, there are a few simple reasons why:

  • You don’t fish
  • You are blessed with excellent fishing buddies
  • You are that friend…

If I Take You on My Boat…

Speaking of that friend…

Pro tip: If someone invited you out on their boat, you better plan on staying out until they are ready to come back in.

If you try to come in early this time, you probably won’t be going out next time.

If I Take You on My Boat, Part 2

Funny Fishing Memes_Want to go on the Boat

If in doubt, here’s another friendly reminder.

If you need a fishing meme to tell you this, maybe you don’t deserve to go out on the boat after all.

Dock it Off!

If you’re planning on shooting docks, you might want to work on your aim. If not, there’s a chance an angry resident might come out and give you a nasty look.

Next to skunking, there’s not much worse than angry residents giving you a nasty look.

Are Your Feeling Lucky, Punk?

Funny Fishing Memes_My Spot

There are some unspoken rules when fishing. Boating etiquette absolutely extends to fishing spots.

If the maximum distance of your cast can touch the maximum distance of another boat’s cast, you are too close.

Give ’em some space!

Oh No, I Suck Again!

There’s a rule of thumb that you don’t want to catch a fish on your first cast. If you do, the theory suggests, the fishing will be miserable the rest of the day.

Would you rather the fish bite at the beginning or your trip or at the end?

There’s No Crying in Fishing?

Funny Fishing Memes_No Swearing in Fishing

Ok, we have to disagree with this one.

Under most circumstances, sure. Lots of swearing.

But whoever made this fishing meme has apparently never had a giant catch break off right at the side of the boat.

Save That Lure!

If we’re being honest, there are probably a ton of folks who would rather try and retrieve a lure snagged in the water than one stuck in a tree.

Especially on the hot days.

Just be sure to shut off your motor first…

Just Washing My Worm

Funny Fishing Memes_Washing my Lure

Depending on how you interpret this fishing meme, it isn’t the craziest idea in the world, right?

Let’s just hope your DNR officer has a sense of humor.

Happiest Day of My Life

We’re not sure what the scenery was like on the day the fella in the back got married.

We don’t even know if he is married.

Given the way that rod is bending, though, we can see why this might be the happiest day of his life.

It’s a Secret

Funny Fishing Memes_Wrong Lake

There’s nothing that makes an angler happier than when a young, enthusiastic, bright-eyed novice shares every single detail about their productive day on the water.

For your own sake, don’t be that person.

Also for your own sake, maybe don’t send someone to the wrong lake, either…

The Smartest Man Alive

If you’ve ever made a mid-day bait switch that landed a whopper, you can probably relate to this fishing meme.

The only thing better than catching a massive fish is feeling like you somehow knew exactly what the fish was in the mood to eat.

Spoiler: you didn’t, but it’s nice to feel smart sometimes.

Tiny Hooks for Tiny Fish

Funny Fishing Memes_Tiny Hooks

To clarify, we aren’t making fun of trout anglers or the hooks that catch trout.

We are, however, making fun of the smack-talkers who only catch little baby fish.

It’s a Secret, Part 2

Earlier, we cautioned against flat-out lying about your fishing spot. After all, we wouldn’t want a dejected angler to take out their wrath on you.

Likewise, being super sarcastic might lead to some unwanted consequences.

That said, your secret spot will remain a secret, so…

Fishing Under a Full Moon

Funny Fishing Memes_Full Moon

Speaking of being sarcastic…

Sure, maybe Karen deserved a little bit of sass for this. And there are probably differing schools of thought about whether a full moon counts as “dark” or not.

That said, if you have the chance to fish under a full moon, we think you should! Be safe and take a life jacket.

Karen will eventually get over it.

Who Wants to be an Angler?

For the game show purists out there, yes, we understand this is not a normal format for questions on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Given the way the potential question may be asked, though, going with “C” or “D” might be the best options.

Honesty is, as they say, the best policy. Flattery is a close second.

One Does Not Simply…

Funny Fishing Memes_One Does Not Simply

Ahh, the classic Boromir meme…

While we prefer Sean Bean as Lord Eddard Stark, there’s no denying that the “one does not simply” meme is one of the most famous on the internet.

Of the thousands that have been created, however, this might be the one meme to rule them all.

The Joint Facebook Account


Just ouch…

This might be the most brutal fishing meme on your list.

For the guy in blue’s sake, we hope he at least had a good day of fishing. It might help cool that burn.

Fishing Pandemonium

Funny Fishing Memes_COVID 19

Poor fella.

He might be delusional, but at least he has a sense of humor.

Show of hands: who else blamed Corona for a lack of bites during 2020? If so, what was your excuse every other year?

Making Good Decisions, Part 2

Ok, here’s an easier one…

Show of hands: who spent more than $500 on fishing gear in 2020?

That was a silly question. Of course you did!

Skunk City

Funny Fishing Memes_Skunked

While “mate” and “blank” might be popular terms on the other side of the pond, we can all relate. Let’s swap them out for “friend” and “skunk” for our American readers, though.

Who is your buddy that would still manage to skunk with a dozen rods in the water?

Again, if you don’t know who that buddy is, it might be you…


Funny? Absolutely!

Creative? For sure!

Should you ever attempt this? Not a chance!

The baby seems to be having a good time though.

Making Good Decisions, Part 3

Funny Fishing Memes_Tax Return

So, how much did you spend on fishing gear this year?

One MILLION Dollars…..???

We don’t see anything “evil” about making a little fishing purchase with your tax return.

Hey Jealousy

I’m sure most of us, if we’re being honest, have done this a time or two.

Think positively, though.

There have probably been times when you were going fishing and ruined some stranger’s day on their way to work.

Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Funny Fishing Memes_Step Brothers

You don’t have to love karate to become best friends.

Fishing is such an amazing bonding experience. Be warned, though, that it is super competitive.

If you start out-fishing your buddies, you may also be looking for a new best friends.

Losing the Fish of a Lifetime

Remember the meme above that said there is no crying in fishing, but lots of swearing?

Oh, what we would give to catch the fish this fella lost.

Chances are there were more than a few tears shed.

Making Good Decisions, Part 4

In this fishing meme, it looks like the driver may be making a rash decision.

We can’t be quick to jump to conclusions, though.

Maybe he has a lot of PTO to burn? Maybe the bite is good?

Maybe it’s 72 with clear skies and he just doesn’t want to sit in an office all day?

We’re not judging!

Smug Kermit

Funny Fishing Memes_Kermit

We all know THAT guy.

You know, the angler who talks more smack than everyone else despite hardly ever catching the biggest or highest quantity of fish.

Keep sipping your tea while the rest of us do what we do.

Winter is Coming

Speaking of Lord Eddard Stark…

Had he taken his own advice from this fishing meme and spent more time on the water than meddling around in King’s Landing, he probably would have been much happier.

Hopefully he would be smart enough to keep his feet warm on the water…

Grump Angler

Funny Fishing Memes_Grumpy Cat

Listen, Grump Cat…

We know you don’t want people fishing your spot. We’ve all been there.

But a treble hook to the face rarely solves anything.

Keep shooting them that nasty glare for a while — they’ll move eventually.


Yes, we’ll admit it: we happen to really like the Whopper Plopper!

During the 2020 season, it was good for a lot of fish.

Not a lot of big fish, but if you like quantity over quality, it serves its purpose. If the conditions are right. And the fish are hungry. And you happen to be in the exact right spot…

Overrated, though? Those are strong words.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Funny Fishing Memes_Community

To be fair, maybe the writing was just really small?

Maybe the stuff he likes is actually written on the chalk board?

Or, like most of us, he probably just loves fishing!

Snag City

We all have that friend.

And if you don’t, then once again, chances are that you are that friend.

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