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Country Music Star’s New Song Honors Fishing Legend

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Luke Bryan, one of the most popular figures in the world of country music, released his new album Born Here Live Here Die Here on April 9.

Many anglers were pleased to find that one track in particular honored one of fishing’s most reversed legends. Perhaps none were more pleased than that legend himself.

Bill Dance, the 80 year old angler who has been a major fixture in fishing media (and American households) since the late 1960s, shared his surprise and gratitude for the eponymous song by Bryan on his Facebook page. Dance even suggested that he was “speechless” – a rare occurrence.

Bryan’s song, which a titled after Dance, pays homage to the host of Bill Dance Outdoors. The song is an earnest expression of respect and gratitude for the figure Bryan “wanted to be” when we was a Georgia youth fishing for bass.
Within a few hours, hundreds of fans and prominent anglers (including 2021 Crappie Masters National Championship winner Josh Jones) shared similar sentiments about how awesome the track is.

The video for the song can be found on YouTube.