Cold Weather Fishing: Essential Gear for Men and Women

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Cold Weather Fishing: Essential Gear for Men and Women

Each year, roughly one-in-seven Americans purchases a fishes license. For many, this may be a one-day or a weekend pass. Even some devoted fishing enthusiasts only hit the water a few times per year.

As the seasons fluctuate in much of the country, so does fishing frequency. In the Midwest, Northeast, and other parts of the United States, fishing season often ends right around the time hunting season begins.

Unpredictable weather, frigid temperatures, and a slowing bite send many anglers off to other endeavors.

However, there are still plenty — hundreds of thousands — of fisherman (and women) who absolutely love fishing year-round, even if conditions are less-than-friendly.

If you do plan on fishing during the Winter (and the colder portions of Fall and Spring), it’s important to be prepared. That means putting away your Long-sleeve Huk shirts, Columbia PFG hats, and AFTCO fishing shorts until it warms up.

What will you replace them with?

Below, you will find a list of essential cold weather fishing gear for men and women. Not only will these items help keep you warm and comfortable; they will also keep you safe!

Fish Monkey Tundra EX Waterproof Gloves

Being out on the water with non-insulated gloves in the winter is a no-go. Sure, it’s better than fishing bare-handed, but why take the risk? And why deal with being miserable all day?

The Tundra EX Waterproof Gloves by Fish Monkey will keep your hands safe and secure from the elements while allowing you to keep mobility and dexterity while fishing.

  • Polar Fleece Lining
  • Thinsulate Insulation
  • Poly-Leather Monkey Grip on palms
  • Extended cuffs help to keep out moisture
  • Water and Windproof

StrikerIce Guardian Series Bibs

While they are designed specifically for ice fishing, the Guardian Series Bibs by StrikerIce might be a good choice for another who is planning to be actively fishing during the colder months. Sitting still for long periods of time in the frigid cold can be unbearable, but a pair of breathable, insulated, padded overalls can help make a chilly day a little more bearable.

  • Thermadex and SureFlote Insulation
  • Hydrapore 5000 waterproofing
  • Extra padding in seat and knees
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Quick-drain hems
  • Tussor Shell
  • Designed for ice fishing

Simms Riverbank 14″ Rubber Boots For Men

For many, wet feet (while inside socks and shoes) is a horrible feeling. When it’s 30 degrees out, that combination isn’t only miserable — it’s dangerous.

Luckily, the Simms Riverbank 14″ Rubber Boots for Men can help keep your feet and toes warm, comfy, and dry!

These boots are constructed out of waterproof vulcanized rubber and give the angler a little peace of mind when treading through streams or rivers, or simply on cold days.

  • Vulcanized rubber and neoprene construction
  • Right angle footbeds
  • Grid-fleece lining insulation
  • The soles give superior grip in and out of the water

StrikeMaster Battle Jacket

Let’s be clear: when you call your product the “battle jacket,” you’re setting high expectations.

Strikemaster aims to meet those expectations, however, with this reasonably-priced jacket. Geared particularly for ice fishing, this is also a great option for cold-weather fishing on lakes, rivers, and even ponds.

Packed with insulated storage options for both your hands and your belongings, this breathable, waterproof jacket could be your best friends in you’re planning to hit the water between November and March.

StrikerIce Hardwater Jacket

If this aforementioned StrikeMaster Battle Jacket is going to prepare you for battle, then the StrikerIce Hardwater Jacket might be preparing you for war!

Make no mistake: this jacket is engineered for extreme weather. If you are going to be ice fishing in intense wind, rain, or snow, then the Hardwater jacket is an excellent choice to stay dry, warm, and safe.

For those who simply are looking to stay warm during chilly days, this is a serviceable jacket. That said, it might provide more protection than necessary.

For those who plan to make ice fishing (or extremely cold-weather fishing) a regular pastime, consider pairing the Hardwater Jacket with the StrikerICE Hardwater Series Bib too offer additional torso and lower-body protection.

IceArmor by Clam Hoodie Facemask

Anglers (and most rational people, for that matter) are usually proactive about making sure their vital organs and extremities are well-insulated during cold-weather fishing trips.

If you plan to hit the water (or ice) during the coldest months of the year, though, you will want to make sure you face is well-covered as well.

The IceArmor (by Clam) Hoodie Facemask will provide you a surprisingly affordable degree of warmth and protection that you simply won’t get with even the highest-end toboggan or warm-weather face shield.

Not only will your mouth, nose, and ears receive ample protection, but you will undoubtedly be more comfortable.

ActionHeat 5V Rechargeable Battery-Heated Socks

Above, I mentioned how so many people often forget to cover their face when fishing (or hunting, camping, or even working) in extremely cold conditions.

That same can probably be said for their feet.

There are some excellent thermal socks on the market, but if you’re going to be standing on the ice for hours at a time, your average, run-of-the-mill socks from the local big-box retailer might not cut it.

The ActionHeat 5V Rechargeable Battery-Heated Socks might seem a bit extreme to some, but the product justifies the price tag. These battery-powered socks can heat your feet up to 150 degrees (Fahrenheit, for three hours), 130 degrees (for four hours), or 100 degrees (for five hours).

Your wallet might not agree that this is a practical product, but your toes absolutely will!

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