Young Angler Gets His Fishing Rods Completely Destroyed

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There’s a lot to love about fishing. One of the beautiful things is that it is fairly easy and, to get started, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

As you get more involved and active, however, it is very common to find yourself spending more money on your hobby.

When your hobby becomes a passion, plan to spend even more.

If that passion becomes an addiction….

You get the point.

Needless to say, many anglers have invested thousands into their fishing arsenal. For some thousands could cover just rods and reels.

Now, can you imagine watching someone completely destroy each and every one of those rods?

That’s Gotta Hurt (In More Ways than One)

In a popular video shared recently on Tik Tok by user AdamIsFishing, a young man watches as his rod collection gets absolutely dismantled, one piece at a time.

While the video does not provide any background or context, it’s fairly easy to see where this is headed. It’s unclear whether this is the young man’s mother, wife, or girlfriend, but one thing is clear: she is angry!

One by one, the woman plants her foot and snaps the young man’s fishing rods.

By the end of the short clip, she has snapped four perfectly nice rods as the man watches, holding back tears.

We can only assume that the other half-dozen or so rods in the pile are set to meet the same fate.

Let us know in the comments below what you think led to this.

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