Every Bluegill State Fishing Record

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With very few exceptions, it’s safe to say that the majority of anglers grew up fishing for bluegill or other panfish.

And for good reason.

For starters, they are everywhere! Bluegill can be caught in practically every freshwater lake and stocked pond in the United States. In fact, bluegill and other panfish are so common that they might attack your bait when fishing for trout, crappie, or other smaller species.

Also, bluegill are super easy to catch. They are one of the simplest species to hook and retrieve, especially for those just getting started with fishing.

While bluegill aren’t the biggest or most exciting species in the world, any time an anglers can haul in the largest recorded fish of any species in his state, it deserves recognition.

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A Wide Variety of Sizes, but All Records…

As you will see on the records list below, the current world record bluegill, caught on Alabama’s Ketona Lake, weighed an astonishing 4 pounds, 12 ounces!

For comparison, that is heavier than a lot of experienced anglers’ personal best largemouth bass.

Caught in 1950 by T.S. Hudson, not only is the Alabama state record the largest recorded bluegill in state, national, and world history, but it is the oldest active bluegill state fishing record in the United States.

Hawaii and Maine, however, share the distinction of producing the lightest blue state record. Both states — which, understandably, are at extreme points — hold a state record that is a mere 8 ounces.

It should also be noted that Alaska does not have a record bluegill listed, thus it has been omitted from the list.

Every Bluegill State Fishing Record

Alabama4 pounds, 12 ounces*Ketona LakeT.S. Hudson1950
Arizona3 pounds, 15.68 ouncesGoldwater LakeChristopher Mapes2004
Arkansas3 pounds, 4 ouncesFulton CountyAlbert Sharp1998
California3 pounds, 14 ouncesRancho Murieta ReservoirMichael Holoubek2008
Colorado2 pounds, 9 ouncesTotten ReservoirGregory Wallace2019
Connecticut2 pounds, 4 ouncesPrivate PondDaniel Gesner1996
Delaware3 pounds, 10 ouncesDiamond PondClifford Snyder2001
Florida2 pounds, 15 ouncesCrystal LakeJohn LeMaster1989
Georgia3 pounds,, 5 ouncesShamrock LakeP.F. Gumm1977
Hawaii8 ouncesLake WilsonJune Maeda2000
Idaho3 pounds, 8 ouncesC.J. Strike ReservoirDarrell Grim1966
Illinois3 pounds, 8 ouncesFarm PondDarren May1987
Indiana3 pounds,. 4 ounces.PondHarold L. Catey1972
Iowa3 pounds, 2 ouncesFarm PondPhil Algree1986
Kansas2 pounds, 5 ouncesFarm PondRobert Jefferies, Modoc1962
Kentucky4 pounds, 3 ouncesStrip Mine LakePhil Conyers1980
Louisiana1 pounds, 10 ouncesN/AMike Lamb1999
Maine8 ouncesKnight PondLiam Clayton2008
Maryland3 pounds, 7 ouncesDeep Creek LakeSarah Brenneman1998
Massachusetts2 pounds, 1 ouncesSouth Athol PondHeather Bulger1982
Michigan2 pounds, 13 ouncesVaughn LakeUnknown1983
Minnesota2 pounds, 13 ouncesAlice LakeUnknown1948
Mississippi3 pounds, 7 ouncesGerald ThurmondFarm Pond1995
Missouri3 poundsPrivate PondRobert Giovanini1963
Montana2 pounds, 10 ouncesPeterson’s Stock DamBrent Fladmo1983
Nebraska2 pounds, 13 ouncesGrove LakeGary Ralston1977
Nevada4 pounds, 12 ouncesColorado RiverMike Tahash2010
New Hampshire2 pounds, 1 ouncesGoodwins PondJustin Therieau1992
New Jersey3 poundsFarm PondDom Santarelli1990
New Mexico3 pounds, 2 ouncesLovington LakeThomas Smith1963
New York2 pounds, 8 ouncesKohpounds,ach PondDevin VanZandt1992
North Carolina4 pounds, 5 ouncesHenderson County LakeDanny Case1967
North Dakota2 pounds, 12 ouncesStrawberry LakeBudd Hystad1963
Ohio3 pounds, 4 ouncesSalt Fork LakeWillis Nicholes1990
Oklahoma2 pounds, 6 ouncesKay Co. PondTom Shorter1987
Oregon2 pounds, 5 ouncesFarm PondWayne Elmor1981
Pennsylvania2 pounds, 9 ouncesKeystone LakeTom Twincheck1983
Rhode Island2 pounds, 1 ouncesUnknownC. Rizzo1987
South Carolina3 pounds, 4 ouncesLancaster County Lake J.P. Hegler1973
South Dakota3 pounds, 4 ouncesStanley Co. Stock Dam Scott SannerScott Sanner1980
Tennessee3 poundsFarm Pond (Pendergrass) and Fall Creek (Grissom)Brad Pendergrass and Thelma Grissom (tie)1987 (Pendergrass) and 1977 (Grissom)
Texas2 poundsLampasas RiverGibbs Milliken1999
Utah2 pounds, 7 ouncesMantua ReservoirJack Rask1993
Vermont2 poundsMiller Pond John Konya2016
Virginia4 pounds,. 8 ouncesPrivate PondThomas Jones1970
Washington2 pounds, 5 ouncesTampico ParkRon Hinote1984
West Virginia2 pounds, 12 ouncesPondMark Lewis1986
Wisconsin2 pounds, 10 ouncesLake MichiganTom Glafcke1995
Wyoming2 pounds, 15 ouncesPondRod Horsley2008

At Premier Angler, we strive to keep our records as up-to-date as possible, checking every state’s data several times per year. That said, we are human and, with a ton of content on our website, we may miss recent changes. If you notice an inaccuracy or inconsistency, please let us know in the comments below.

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