Man Uses Fishing Rod to Steal $700 Versace Necklace

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At Premier Angler, we primarily write about things pertaining to freshwater fishing. Every now and then, we will cover news and stories coming from the world of saltwater fishing.

On rare occasions, we will also cover stories that teeter on the periphery of fishing. If the story at least somehow has something to do with fishing, our staff with consider running with it.

Well, this recent gem out of Australia definitely fits into the latter category.

In a tweet posted by the Victoria Police department on Tuesday, March 3rd, people were asked to help identify a man who used a fishing rod to “commit a burglary on a high-end fashion store in Melbourne.”

That high-end store had, in its window display, a mannequin adorned with a $700 Versace necklace. The gentleman in the video decided he wanted that necklace and, given the sticker price, felt that an “alternative” method of payment was his best option.

As seen in the video, the man extends a fishing rod through a hole in the shop’s window and hooks the necklace. Clever, possibly daring, but entirely foolish.

Maybe his wife was upset about how much he had spent on fishing gear and he was trying to make up for it?

When You Need a Longer Fishing Rod

What’s interesting about this story — aside from the fact that someone actually used a fishing rod to rob a jewelry store, that is — is the fact that the man actually found a longer fishing rod when his initial choice wasn’t long enough to procure the item.

Many anglers will spend years searching for the “perfect” rod. Everything from length to construction to power and action are taken into consideration. Usually, however, they are trying to steal bass, or crappie, or walleye, or even bluegill. To the best of our knowledge, this is both a first in the worlds of fishing and crime.

Now, we have to clarify this: we would never encourage anyone to commit an act of robbery. If someone was going to consider pulling off a similar feat, however, we would recommend the following rods. They all have the requisite length, as well as the strength, to pull off such a job.

Long Fishing Rod Suggestions for Your Next Heist/Fishing Trip

Lamiglass X-11 Salmon and Steelhead Spinning Rod (10’6″
LX 106 MLS)

Ozark Rods Pro Series Jigging Pole (12′ Model)

Bonehead Tackle Bonehead Spinning Rod (12′ Model)

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