Keen Water Shoes: Are They The Best for Fishing?

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What is the Best Water Shoe for Fishing?

When you write for a fishing website, you find that almost everything you see reverts back to fishing.

This is probably true for any industry. Tech writers want to find the best emergining technologies. Gearheads are always interested in the best bikes and motorcycles.

And fishing writers? Well, you find that the industry is pretty big. One thing I’ve found is that people who spend a lot of money on fishing also spend a lot of money on fishing apparel.

That apparel includes fishing shoes.

Admittedly, I am a huge fan of Crocs. Whether I’m in the boat, the kayak, or fishing from shore, Crocs are often my go-to. They are comfortable, versatile, and — with a few exceptions — they are, in my mind, the perfect fishing shoe…

That said, I was introduced to a new brand recently that is gaining a lot of traction not only in the fishing industry, but in the outdoors and environmental sectors as well.

Keen: More Than Just a Product — A Mission

While I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore environmentalist, I have come to appreciate nature. If you spend as much time in the woods or on the water as I have, it’s hard not to. Seeing garbage on the shoreline is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I have always appreciated brands that take a level of social and environmental responsibility.

On the official Keen website, you can find information about the brand’s history and vision. A few things that really caught my eye, however, were:

  • Within a year and a half of the company’s launch (in 2003), the young company spent roughly half a million dollars to aid disaster relief funds after the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean.
  • Keen sponsors a program called Youth In Nature. According to their website, “The Youth in Nature grant program focuses on the idea that people, especially children, who spend too little time outdoors are at risk of experiencing behavioral problems; it’s been called nature deficit disorder.”
  • The company has donated $18 million and thousands of service hours in support of public works projects, including river clean-ups and natural disaster relief programs

Upon seeing that Keen was involved in some really worthwhile charitable endeavors, the next question I had was simple:

Are their water shoes good for fishing?

Choosing a Water Shoe for Fishing: Is Keen the Hottest New Brand on the Market?

External endeavors aside, the question now is whether Keen’s catalog of water shoes can hold up to more established and recognizable brands like Crocs and Columbia.

Keen offers a surprisingly deep catalog of footwear, including boots, casual shoes, and sandals that are geared toward men, women, and kids.

The company does offer roughly two dozen models that could reasonably be classified as “water shoes” or “fishing shoes,” however. With some very affordable models that provide both style and comfort, Keen also offers some more experience, higher-end models for folks who are more active and looking to get some real longevity out of their investment.

Reviews suggest that Keen offers one of the most comfortable water shoes on the market. They also offer several unique designs that definitely separate their inventory some other established brands.

Below, we are going to take a look at a few of the hottest water shoes Keen offers:

KEEN Newport Leather Hiking Sandals for Men – Bison

So if you’re like me, the thought of “leather” and “fishing” together don’t make for a great combination. Something about the pairing has always seemed counterproductive.

Keen’s Newport Leather Hiking Sandal, however, claims to provide a best-of-both-worlds versatility and durability.

Great for extended hikes in rugged terrain and even the choppiest and grittiest of saltwater fishing excursions, the Bison model offers the comfort you would come to expect from a high-end fishing shoe while being designed to handle practically any outdoor elements.

KEEN Newport H2 Water Shoes for Men – Wet Sand

A lighter model, the Newport H2 Wet Sand model is more of an mid-intensity water shoe.

This particular model is geared more toward those looking to comfortable navigate the shoreline. If you’ve got a mild trek to your favorite fishing destination, even better!

For those looking to fish from the water, the Newport H2 Wet Sand is also an excellent choice for both traditional and paddling kayaks.

The model also comes in a black and yellow color scheme.

For fans of oranges and grey, consider the Shadow/Bombay color scheme.

Keen Newport Retro Water Shoes for Men

Let’s be real here — this loud, vibrant color scheme is going to make a statement. If you’re wearing Keen’s Newport Retro Water Shoe, people are going to notice.

Admittedly, this isn’t going to be the design for many people.

That said, it will absolutely be the type of design that others are looking for.

If you’re looking to stand out during your next hike, cookout, outdoor concert, or fishing trip, then the Newport Retro Water Shoe might be the fit for you.

Keen Newport Hydro Water Shoes for Ladies

As one of several models designed specifically for the ladies, Keen’s Newport Hydro Water Shoe (in steel grey and turquoise) might not immediately stand out the way the Retro model does.

And for a lot of ladies, that is perfectly fine. There is often comfort in familiarity.

Like the men’s models, the Hydro Water Shoe for Ladies offers the same durability and versatility, including considerable comfort and extra protection for the toes.

Final Verdict: Is This The Best Water Shoe for Fishing?

Obviously, any choice will be entirely subjective. That’s the beauty of life — we are free to decide what we like.

It is hard to argue that Keen’s impressive catalog doesn’t at least put the company is contention, however.

If you would like to see more of Keen’s offerings (including a full catalog of boots and casual footwear) for yourself, however, you can view more options at Bass Pro Shops.

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