Angler Lands Lake Palestine Record Blue Catfish

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Located in eastern Texas, Lake Palestine is roughly an hour and a half drive outside of Dallas. A local hotspot, it is also nationally known for its excellent bass fishing. In fact, Lake Palestine often plays home to numerous bass tournaments each year.

What often gets overlooked on a lake with one incredibly popular species, however, is how good the fishing can be for the others.

After a story broken by the Tyler Morning Telegraph, however, more anglers might be making their way to Lake Palestine in search of blue catfish.

Before landing what would become the new Lake Palestine record blue catfish on Sunday, March 1st, Robert Holloway’s personal best had been pulled from the lake years ago. That fish weighed a respectable 24 pounds.

Holloway’s most recent PB not only shattered his previous record’s weight — it doubled it!

After getting an official weight at Athens Freshwater Fisheries Center, Holloway’s catch officially became the heaviest blue cat on record caught on Lake Palestine. It weighed a hefty 48.2 pounds with a girth of 31.75 inches and a length of 45.5 inches.

Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including the Catfish

While Holloway’s fish is certainly an impressive catch, it actually falls very short of the current Texas state record blue catfish.

The Texas record blue cat was caught on Lake Texoma in 2004 by Cody Mullennix. His catch weighed an astounding 121.5 pounds and measured a whopping 58 inches.

For a period of time, Mullennix’s catch was not only the Texas state record, but also the United States and world record blue catfish. Since 2004, however, his catch has been displaced by several larger fish.

The current world blue catfish sits at an unfathomable 143 pounds with a length of 57 inches. It was caught by Nick Anderson on Buggs Island Lake, Virginia.

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