Missouri Waives Fishing Permits (Starting March 27)

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In what continues to be a curious time not only in American history but throughout the world, individual states are reacting differently to the COVID-19 outbreak.

While many states have suspended amenities at parks, forests, and recreation areas, residents are still permitted to fish at a safe “social distance.”

One state that continues to encourage residents to hit the water is Missouri. In fact, the state has even relaxed the requirements necessary to legally fish public waters.

Missouri Temporarily Suspends Fishing Permit Requirements

According to a release shared via social media on Tuesday, March 24th, the Missouri Department of Conservation announced that required fishing permits would be waived for individuals fishing public waters within the state.

Between Friday, March 27th and Wednesday, April 15th, individuals can legally fish lakes, rivers, streams and creeks in Missouri without holding an active fishing license. This requirement applies only to those in “good standing,” however. If your license has been suspended or your carry any other violation, however, that suspension will remain.

As the global Coronavirus situation continues, the Missouri Department of Conservation plans to revisit the waiver.

The waiver of needing a permit or trout tag to fish will run from Friday, March 27, through April 15. MDC will reassess the situation at that point. All season dates, methods, and limits will continue to apply and be enforced.  – Missouri Department of Conservation Website

For more information, you can visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website.

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