Ohio Trout Stocking Schedule (2022)

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Updated December 26, 2021

The 2021 Ohio trout stocking schedule concluded in early May. Below, you can see all the bodies of water that were stocked in 2021.

The 2022 Ohio trout stocking schedule is set to begin in early-to-mid March.

Be sure to check back for regular updates.

Ohio Trout Stocking Schedule 2021

While many anglers across the country think of Ohio for its two main fisheries — Lake Erie and the Ohio River — there are quite a few fine fishing lakes in the Buckeye State.

When it comes to trout fishing, however, the smaller lakes and ponds in Ohio tend to shine. Each year, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources stocks some of these off-the-radar public fisheries with rainbow trout.

While popular Ohio fishing destinations like Alum Creek Lake, Pymatuning Lake, Seneca Lake, Acton Lake, and Piedmont Lake might not receive annual trout stocking, the Ohio DNR makes efforts to spread excellent trout fishing throughout the state.

Anglers can expect to see tens of thousands of trout stocked across roughly 60 public lakes and parks during the 2021 season, which runs from March through May.

Specific dates for Ohio trout stocking will be released by the Ohio DNR in February, 2021.

2021 Stocking Dates

Adams Lake week of Mar 12
Forked Run Lake week of Mar 19
Rush Run Lake week of Mar 19
Caldwell Lake week of Mar 26
Lake Alma week of Mar 26
Quarry Park week of Mar 26
Timbre Ridge Lake week of Mar 26
Antrim Lake week of Apr 2
Barnesville Reservoir #3 week of Apr 2
Belmont Lake week of Apr 2
Blue Limestone Park week of Apr 2
Blue Rock Lake week of Apr 2
Cenci Park Lake week of Apr 2
Clark Lake week of Apr 2
Dow Lake week of Apr 2
Forest Hill Pond week of Apr 2
Fountain Park week of Apr 2
Heritage Park week of Apr 2
Monroe Lake week of Apr 2
Mt. Gilead Lake week of Apr 2
New Lexington Reservoir 1A week of Apr 2
Rocky Fork (South Beach Pond) week of Apr 2
Shadow Lake week of Apr 2
Stonelick Lake week of Apr 2
White Star Quarry week of Apr 2
Wolf Run Lake week of Apr 2
Rose Lake 4/2/2021**
Davis Lake week of Apr 9
Delta Reservoir #2 week of Apr 9
Lamberjack Lake week of Apr 9
Malabar Farm Pond week of Apr 9
McKarns Lake week of Apr 9
Norwalk Reservoir #1 week of Apr 9
Pearson Metropark Ponds week of Apr 9
Punderson Lake week of Apr 9
Rowland Nature Preserve Lake week of Apr 9
Shelby Reservoir #3 week of Apr 9
Silver Creek Lake week of Apr 9
Swanton Waterworks Reservoir week of Apr 9
Vesuvius Lake week of Apr 9
Walker Road Pond week of Apr 9
Yoctangee Park Lake 4/10/2021**
Pike Lake 4/12/2021**
East Harbor State Park Pond week of Apr 16
Hinckley Lake week of Apr 16
Jefferson Lake week of Apr 16
Lima Lake week of Apr 16
Little Turtle Pond week of Apr 16
Mill Creek Pond (Glacier Lake) week of Apr 16
Ohio/Erie Canal week of Apr 16
Olander Lake week of Apr 16
Painesville Rec Park Pond week of Apr 16
Sycamore State Park Pond week of Apr 16
Van Wert Reservoir #1 week of Apr 16
Veterans Park Pond week of Apr 16
Jackson City Reservoir 4/17/2021**
Petros Lake week of Apr 23
Roosevelt Lake week of Apr 23
Turkey Creek Lake week of Apr 23
Ashley UpgroundWeek of Apr 30
Eyman ParkWeek of Apr 30
Sunbury Upground #1Week of Apr 30
Tawaza LakeWeek of Apr 30
Giertz Lake5/1/2021
Cross Roads Industrial ParkEarly May
Jesse Owens State ParkEarly May

Where Are Trout Stocked in Ohio?

As we mentioned above, roughly five dozen public lakes and ponds in Ohio are considered “trout lakes.” They are stocked over a period of two months in early Spring (from March through May).

The trout stocked on these lakes generally mature to between 10 and 13 inches before being released into the lakes or ponds.

Anglers fishing these waters are expected to keep five or fewer fish per day. If you plan to target trout in Ohio, you may also want to consider looking at some of the best spinning reels for trout fishing.

Lakes and ponds expected to receive trout stocking in Ohio in 2021 include:

Adams Lake
Cutler Lake
Vesuvius Lake
Davis Lake
McKarns Lake
Timbre Ridge Lake
Clark Lake
Delta Reservoir #2
Turkey Creek Lake
Rocky Fork Lake
Crossroads Pond
Belmont Lake
Rush Run Lake
Olander Lake
Yoctangee Park Lake
Wolf Run State Park
Lamberjack Lake
Stonelick Lake
Giertz Lake
Rose Lake
East Harbor State Park Pond
Sycamore State Park Lake
Pearson Lake
Lima Lake
New Lexington City Reservoir
Lock # 4-Ohio Canal
Tawawa Lake
Little Turtle Pond
Slope Creek Reservoir
Monroe Lake Wildlife Area
Schoonover Lake
Sunbury Upground
Lake Alma State Park
Quarry Park Pond
Dow Lake
Jackson City Reservoir
Mt. Gilead State Park Lake
Ohio/Erie Canal
Heritage Park Pond
Forked Run State Park
Foundation Park Pond
Veterans Park Granger Pond
Shelby Reservoir #3
Eyman Park Ponds
Silver Creek Lake
Swanton Water Works Reservoir
Blue Limestone Park Pond
Petros Lake
Cenci Park Pond
Shadow Lake
Van Wert Reservoir
Jefferson Lake
Ashley upground
Rowland Nature Preserve Lake
Antrim Park Lake
Forest Hill Pond
Punderson Lake
White Star Quarry
Hinckley Lake

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