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Every Arkansas State Fishing Record

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Arkansas is home to over 2,300 named lakes and reservoirs. You can also find the White River, Little Red River, the Mississippi River, and the aptly named Arkansas River flowing through the state’s borders.

For a state that often flies under the radar when it comes to fishing and outdoor life, Arkansas has plenty to offer! For instance, the state provides over 60,000 acres of lake fishing and over 9,000 miles of river and stream fishing.

All of the aforementioned rivers have produced Arkansas state record fish in the past. If you’re looking to fish lakes, however, there are also plenty of great options. DeGray Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and Lake Ouachita are widely considered some of the top spots in Arkansas. Norfolk Lake, Greers Ferry Lake, and Mallard Lake are also popular destinations.

In 2020, Arkansas was also on the map when Sean Thornton landed a massive 4-pound crappie. You can read about that story below.

As always, be sure to obtain a valid Arkansas state fishing license before you hit the water. Even if you aren’t planning on hunting any state records, you need to be legal!

List of Every Arkansas State Fishing Record

Species  WeightLocationAnglerDate
Alligator Gar240 lbs 0 ozWhite River John StortzJuly 28, 2004
American Eel4 lbs 12 ozArkansas River Gregg ArmstrongMay 26, 2002
Bighead Carp70 lbs 8 ozCrooked CreekGregory MitchellJuly 31, 2008
Bigmouth Buffalo50 lbs Lake Conway Tony Worm ConwaySeptember 10, 2007
Black Buffalo92 lbs 8 ozLake Maumelle Kenny DeLucaFebruary 26, 2001
Black Bullhead4 lbs 12 ozPoint Remove Creek Janet StoryApril 11, 1986
Black Crappie5 lbsLake WilhelminaDonivan EcholsJune 6, 2011
Blue Catfish116 lbs 12 ozMississippi River W. MemphisCharles Ashley Jr.August 3, 2001
Bluegill Sunfish3 lbs 4 ozN/AAlbert SharpAugust 7, 1998
Bowfin17 lbs 5 ozN/ADoug SmithFebruary 21, 1977
Brook Trout5 lbs 0 ozNorth Fork River Billy J. MeeksJune 3, 2002
Brown Trout40 lbs 4 ozLittle Red River Howard Rip CollinsMay 2, 1992
Carp53 lbs 0 ozHamilton Lake Lynn BradleyMarch 23, 1985
Chain Pickerel7 lbs 10 ozLittle Red River Ave VogelJanuary 6, 1979
Channel Catfish38 lbs 0 ozLake Ouachita Joe HollemanJune 3, 1989
Cutthroat Trout9 lbs 9 ozWhite River Scott RudolphOctober 6, 1985
Flathead Catfish80 lbs 0 ozArkansas River Wesley WhiteOctober 28, 1989
Flier Sunfish0 lbs 14 ozSaline River Harvey JonesJuly 10, 1985
Freshwater Drum45 lbs 6 ozLake Wilson BrakeChuck PikerJuly 11, 2004
Gizzard Shad2 lbs 14 ozWhite River Charles JordanMay 9, 1992
Grass Carp65 lbs 14 ozHorseshoe Lake Gary BrewerApril 28, 1995
Green Sunfish1 lbs 11 ozDierks Pond Keith McCulloughApril 12, 1976
Hybrid Bass27 lbs 5 ozGreers Ferry Lake Jerald C. ShaumApril 24, 1997
Lake Trout11 lbs 5 ozGreers Ferry Lake Clark StevensonDecember 15, 1997
Largemouth Bass16 lbs 4 ozMallard Lake Aaron MardisMarch 2, 1976
Longear Sunfish1 lbs 2 ozTable Rock Lake Carl BohannanApril 22, 1991
Longnose Gar35 lbs 12 ozTaylor Old River LakeTommy CantrellJune 28, 2005
Northern Pike16 lbs 1 ozDeGray lake Dick CooleyDecember 27, 1973
Ozark Bass1 lbs 8 ozLake Norfork Jerry HeardAugust 2, 1982
Pacu7 lbs 1 ozLakewood Lake #1 Gerald H. KennedyJuly 22, 1995
Paddlefish102 lbs 8 ozBeaver LakeMichael Curran RogersMarch 22, 2007
Rainbow Trout19 lbs 1 ozWhite River Jim MillerMarch 14, 1981
Redear Sunfish2 lbs 14 ozLake Bois dArc Glenda TatomMay 4, 1985
Sauger6 lbs 12 ozArkansas River Claude EubanksDecember 15, 1976
Saugeye6 lbs 1 ozCrown Lake Cleveland HendersonFebruary 5, 1993
Shadow Bass1 lbs 12 ozSpring River James E. BakerJuly 5, 1999
Shovelnose Sturgeon1 lbs 7 ozArkansas RiverRicky OzmentMay 1, 2000
Silver Carp51 lbs 5 ozArkansas River Gregory MitchellJuly 31, 2008
Skipjack Herring2 lbs 13 ozOuachita River Monte PascoeApril 4, 1997
Smallmouth Bass7 lbs 5 ozBull Shoals Lake Acie DickersonApril 1, 1969
Smallmouth Buffalo74 lbs 0 ozMillwood LakeZane BarrettApril 15, 2007
Spotted Bass7 lbs 15 ozBull Shoals Lake Mike HeilichMarch 26, 1983
Spotted Gar6 lbs 12 ozMellwood Old River Vernon NealOctober 3, 1995
Striped Bass64 lbs 8 ozWhite River Jeff FletcherApril 28, 2000
Tiger Muskellunge23 lbs 12 ozSpring River Randy WyattJune 27, 1995
Tilapia3 lbs 7 ozLake JewettSheila EasterlyOctober 9, 2008
Walleye22 lbs 11 ozGreers Ferry Lake Al NelsonMarch 12, 1982
Warmouth1 lbs 8 ozBlack Bayou Michael CurtisMay 28, 1998
White Bass5 lbs 4 ozBull Shoals Lake William WilsonApril 23, 1984
White Crappie4 lbs 7 ozBig Mingo Creek Shelby D. CooperApril 12, 1993
Yellow Bass2 lbs 2 ozDeQueen LakeTony DingerApril 26, 2009

Know of any Arkansas state record fish that need updated? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below.