Groom Catches 36-Inch Northern Pike Moments Before Wedding

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Every now and then, we like to share some interesting stories from around the fishing world.

Remember that dinosaur fish caught by a Norwegian angler in 2019? What about the couple who got married at a Bass Pro Shops store in Tennessee?

Speaking of weddings, however, this latest story might just take the (wedding) cake!

When Your Lucky Day Gets Even Luckier

A video recently circulated around social media of a groom fishing from a rocky shoreline in full wedding garb. The video appears to have been taken at Bald Eagle Marina in Kendall, New York.

According to a video posted on Youtube by Drewdogg18, the angler/husband-to-be (whose name is apparently Tim) hooks into a fish. A voice in the background chimes in, saying, “that’s a big one, too!”

As the groom pulls the fish in, we see that he has latched on to an impressive 36-inch northern pike.

After securing the fish, he makes his way up the bank and shows off the fish to onlookers. What makes this video especially awesome is the fact that this all occurs just fifteen minutes before the wedding.

Even cooler is the fact that the fish is showed off at the alter where the lucky angler is set to get married mere minutes later.

Don’t surprised to see a lot of fellas trying to replicate this at future weddings. If that’s the case, you can also expect an increase in angry brides-to-be!

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