Missouri Fishing Tournaments 2020

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Missouri is, in many ways, an angler’s dream location. Sandwiched between a handful of other quality fishing states — Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska — the Show-Me State also plays home to some excellent lakes of its own.

Some of the top fishing lakes in Missouri include: Lake Taneycomo, Bull Shoals Lake, Stockton Lake, Truman Reservoir, Table Rock Lake, Lake of the Ozarks, Lake Jacomo, Smithville Lake, Mark Twain Lake, Lake Wappapello, Pomme de Terre Lake, Fellows Lake, Norfolk Lake, Mozingo Lake, Blue Springs Lake, Waconda Lake and Tuttle Creek Lake.

On Lake Taneycomo, for instance, Bill Babler, who has served as a fishing guide for over twenty years, caught the Missouri state record brown trout in 2019 on Lake Taneycomo. Babler’s catch was fewer than two pounds shy of the brown trout world record.

On Missouri’s Truman Lake, angler Mark Wilson landed a 3.68 lb crappie that had the internet buzzing for much of December 2019.

If nothing else, it goes without saying that there are no shortage of great fishing spots in Missouri. But for anglers looking to get competitive with their angling, where can you find fishing tournament in Missouri?

Below, you will find a list of fishing tournaments in Missouri. Some of the lakes, creeks, and reservoirs hosting tournaments include Mill Creek, Table Rock Lake, Lake of the Ozarks, Stockton Lake, Truman Lake, and others.

To find more information on each tournament, we suggest contacting the local marina for more information.

Missouri Fishing Tournaments 2020


Year-Long Events

Missouri Blue-Ribbon Trout Slam | Year-long event, hold across nine Missouri blue-ribbon trout streams

Kayak Wars | All legal fisheries throughout the state

February 22

American Bass Anglers | Mill Creek/Table Rock Lake

February 29

FLW Bass Fishing Leauge (BFL) | Table Rock Lake (Ozark Division)


March 1

Bass World Sports | Lake of the Ozarks

March 8

U.S. Anglers Choice | Lake of the Ozarks

March 14

FLW Bass Fishing Leauge (BFL) – Lake of the Ozarks (Ozark Division)

March 17

Camden County Bassrs| Lake of the Ozarks

March 21

Camdenton Castaways Club | Lake of the Ozarks
Joe Bass Team Trail |Table Rock Lake
Steel City Bassmasters | Lake of the Ozarks
U.S. Anglers Choice |Lake Wappapello

March 22

U.S. Anglers Choice |Pomme De Terre

March 26-28

FLW Costa Fishing |Lake of the Ozarks

March 28-29

Alhonnas Bass Fishing Tournament | Lake of the Ozarks

March 28

American Bass Anglers |Table Rock Lake
Camdenton Castaways Club |Pomme de Terre
Joe Bass Team Trail |Pomme de Terre
Olathe Bass Club | Smithville Lake

March 29

Joe Bass Team Trail |Truman Lake


April 4

Joe Bass Team Trail |Truman Lake
Rodbenders Bass Club | All legal Missouri fisheries eligible
Steel City Bassmasters |Stockton Lake
U.S. Anglers Choice |Lake of the Ozarks
USA BASSIN Missouri Division 01 |Pomme De Terre
USA BASSIN Missouri Division 02 |Table Rock Lake

April 10

Camdenton Castaways Club | Pomme de Terre

April 11

American Bass Anglers |Truman Lake
USA BASSIN Missouri Division 03| Stockton Lake

April 12

USA BASSIN Missouri Division 10 | Lake of the Ozarks

April 18

American Bass Anglers |Copper Creek/Lake Taneycomo
American Bass Anglers |Stockton Lake
Bass World Sports|Miss Pool 24
FLW BFL | Table Rock Lake (Ozark Division)

April 18-19

Olathe Bass Club | Table Rock Lake

April 19

Bass World Sports | Mark Twain Lake

April 25

KBF TRAIL Series | Table Rock Lak
Joe Bass Team Trail | Pomme de Terre
Steel City Bassmasters |Table Rock Lake

April 26

Bass World Sports Division 1 | Lake of the Ozarks
Camdenton Castaways Club | Truman Lake
U.S. Anglers Choice | Pomme De Terre

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