St. Croix Panfish Rod Review

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Over the past year, the St. Croix Panfish Spinning Rod has become one of our personal favorites here at Premier Angler. In fact, we like this rod so much that we actually gave one away!

And trust me — that was hard to do, because this really is a high-quality rod for the species and the price.

For experienced fishing enthusiasts, the name value and reputation of St. Croix says enough. That said, we decided to take a look at some of the things we really like about this rod.

So, why do we like The St. Croix Panfish Rod so much?

The Fight Is More Exciting

We’re not going to sit here and pretend that a bluegill, yellow perch, or crappie will ever put up the type of fight you’ll get from a nice smallmouth, channel catfish, or muskie.

Not even close.

But, that doesn’t mean that catching smaller species has to be a dull affair.

Sometimes, it feels good to just revisit our roots and catch a mess of fish, regardless of the species. If you’ve spent years hunting down larger trophies, though, it can become a little monotonous pulling in one fish after another with little fight.

In our experience, fishing an ultra-light model adds an element of excitement that might not be there when using a light or medium-light rod. The sensitivity is greater, the retrieval lasts a little longer, and the fight is more exciting.

Light-Weight, but Durable

Just because the St. Croix Panfish Rod comes in lighter weights doesn’t mean you are only going to be able to catch little, dinky bluegill all day.

For that reason (and several others), there’s a reason why we highlighted the St. Croix in our list of great panfish rod and reel combos.

When paired with a quality mid-range spinning reel — like the Shimano Sedona FL Spinning Reel — there is enough backbone on these rods to pull in some nice perch and crappie. While this probably isn’t your rig if you are hunting down 4+ pound bass, it’s still possible to land some decent-sized fish without fear of snapping your rod in half.

The Right Rod for the Right Price

If you are just getting started on your fishing journey or if you aren’t planning to make panfishing part of your regular regiment, there are definitely other options that you can get for a lower cost that will certainly get the job done.

For instance, the Okuma Celilo Spinning Rod is a great, cost-effective rod. When paired with the Shimano Sienna 2500 FEC Spin Clam reel, you have an excellent starter combo.

Conversely, you can go for a decidedly higher-end model like the G. Loomis Classic Trout and Panfish Spinning Rod. When pairing this with an equally top-shelf reel like the Pfleuger Supreme XT Spinning Reel, you might be looking at dropping a mortgage payment on one rig.

One reason we like the St. Croix offering so much is that it balances quality and price point and well as any panfish rod on the market.

It’s All in the Name

Will Crappie Bite in the Rain
The St. Croix Panfish Rod is a great option for slaying slabs (Christian Schultz/

In reality, it doesn’t take much to land panfish. Throw out a hook, and worm, and a bobber, and if the fish are around, you’re likely to get some bites.

For avid panfishing anglers, however, rigs can become more elaborate and the act of catching your lot is a balancing act between art and science.

When it comes to producing quality fishing rods, St. Croix is one of the most trusted and respected names on the market. With a full array of rods for everything from bluegill to blue cats, the brand is a must-have for many anglers.

St. Croix Panfish Rod Options

After considering the various length, power, and action options available, we ultimately settled on the 6’9″ ultralight, fast-action model. As you can probably tell by now, that’s a decision we are happy with.

For those that like a shorter or longer rod, or prefer different power and action, there are plenty of options available:

  • 5 Foot, Ultralight, Moderate Action
  • 5 Foot 4 Inch, Ultralight, Fast Action
  • 6 Foot, Ultralight, Fast Action
  • 6 Foot 4 Inch, Light, Fast Action
  • 6 Foot 9 Inch, Ultralight, Fast Action
  • 7 Foot, Light, Extra Fast Action
  • 8 Foot, Light, Moderate Fast Action

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