Every Michigan State Fishing Record

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Michigan, in many ways, can be an angler’s paradise!

Let’s look at the geography: Michigan borders four of the five Great Lakes — Superior, Michigan, Erie, and Huron.

Throw in addition fishing spots like Gun Lake, Hubbard Lake, Burt Lake, Marble Lake, Lake St. Clair, and numerous other, and Michigan becomes a hotbed for freshwater fishing.

With easy access from most of northern Ohio, as well as close proximity to Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and even West Virginia, Michigan is also a nice weekend getaway for anglers across the Midwest.

With dozens of species available to anglers, here is a list of the biggest pulled from the state.

List of Every Michigan State Fishing Record

SpeciesWeight (Lb.)Length (In.)YearMethodBait/LureLocation
AMERICAN EEL7.44431990StillfishingLive ShadLake St. Clair
ATLANTIC SALMON32.62411981TrollingLucky LureLake Michigan
BIGMOUTH BUFFALO3336.252020BowfishingArrowLake Erie
BLACK BUFFALO46.5438.52018BowfishingArrowGrand River
BLACK BULLHEAD3.44171999SpincastingPlastic Zoom LizardMagician Lake
BLACK CRAPPIE4.121947Lincoln Lake
BLUEGILL2.7513.751983BaitcastingMepps SpinnerVaughn Lake
BOWFIN14351981Mepps No. 2 Mino Spin Silver BlCrooked Lake
BROOK TROUT9.528.11996Ice FishingMinnowClear Lake
BROWN BULLHEAD3.7717.52014BowfishingArrowAlcona Dam Pond
BROWN TROUT41.4543.752009SpincastingRapala Shad RapManistee River
BURBOT18.25401980CleoSt. Marys River -Munuscong Bay
CHANNEL CATFISH4041.51964Houghton Lake
CHANNEL CATFISH401960Houghton Lake
CHINOOK SALMON (Michigan)47.8647.52021TrollingMoonshine SpoonLake Michigan
CISCO (Lake Herring)6.3621.82017StillfishingLake Ottawa
COHO SALMON Michigan30.56401976SpincastingSpawn SackPlatte River
COMMON CARP61.547.51974SpearWolf Lake
FLATHEAD CATFISH5246.022014Ice FishingJig / Wax WormBarron Lake
FRESHWATER DRUM28.6134.022015Muskegon Lake
GIZZARD SHAD4.12211996BaitcastingLong A BomberLake St. Clair
GREEN SUNFISH1.53101990SpincastingMama’s CatKirkwood Lake
HYBRID SUNFISH1.811.72018StillfishingCrawlerLake Anne
KOKANEE SALMON1.94181978DriftfishingSingle EggClinton River
LAKE STURGEON193871974Mullett Lake
LAKE TROUT61.5491997DriftfishingJigLake Superior
LAKE WHITEFISH14.2831.751993TrollingRebelLake Superior
LARGEMOUTH BASS11.94271934Big Pine Island Lake
LARGEMOUTH BASS11.94261959Alcona Dam Pond
LONGNOSE GAR18531995SpincastingGreen Rattle TrapWilliamsville Lake
LONGNOSE SUCKER6.8822.51986SpincastingSpawn BagSaint Joseph River
MOONEYE1.6914.381995StillfishingWormLake St. Clair
MUSKELLUNGE Great Lakes58592012SpincastingMinnowLake Bellaire
MUSKELLUNGE Northern49.75512000BaitcastingCrankbaitThornapple Lake
NORTHERN HOG SUCKER2.54191994StillfishingWormSaint Joseph River
NORTHERN PIKE3951.51961SpearDodge Lake
PINK SALMON8.56281987SpincastingMapps Spinner #2Carp River
PUMPKINSEED2.1512.62009StillfishingLive Leaf WormLake Nepessing
QUILLBACK8.52242015BowfishingArrowHardy Dam Pond
RAINBOW TROUT26.539.51975TrollingLake Michigan
REDEAR SUNFISH2.3612.62010StillfishingWormLyon Lake
REDHORSE12.8929.251991BaitcastingNight CrawlerMuskegon River -Croton Pond
ROCK BASS3.62201965Holloway Reservoir
ROUND WHITEFISH-MENOMINE4.0621.51992StillfishingSalmon EggLake Michigan
SAUGER6.5625.51976StillfishingMinnowTorch Lake
SMALLMOUTH BASS9.9823.12016StillfishingCrawlerIndian River
SMELTS (Family)121996Dip Net
SPLAKE17.534.52004SpincastingKast MasterLake Michigan – Big Bay De Noc
TIGER MUSKY51.19541919Lac Vieux Desert
WALLEYE17.19351951Live MinnowPine River
WARMOUTH1.38112001StillfishingLive CrawlerGreat Bear Lake
WHITE BASS6.4421.91989TrollingHot ‘N’ TotSaginaw Bay
WHITE BASS Hybrid10.7527.51996DriftfishingSteelhead SpawnKalamazoo River
WHITE CRAPPIE3.3919.52000SpincastingWARDEN’SStony Creek Lake
WHITE PERCH213.572015BaitcastingSpinnerBear Lake
WHITE SUCKER7.19281982DriftfishingRubber EggAu Sable River
YELLOW BULLHEAD3.616.82003BaitcastingNight CrawlerLake Sixteen
YELLOW PERCH3.75211947Lake Independence

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