Every South Carolina State Fishing Record

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One of the east coast’s most popular vacation destinations, hundreds of thousands of Americans visit coastal destinations like Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston every year. Understandably, some excellent salt water fishing takes place off South Carolina’s coast.

When looking at freshwater fishing, however, there are a handful of popular lakes that anglers visit. Among the most popular are Lake Jocasee, Lake Murray, Lake Moultrie, Lake Marion, and Lake Strom Thurmond.

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South Carolina currently holds the impressive distinction of holding three current world records (as of this writing): Channel catfish, redbreast sunfish, and mudfish (bowfin).

The oldest state fishing records in South Carolina — the largemouth bass and white crappie — were caught in 1949.

List of Every South Carolina State Fishing Record

SpeciesWeightLocationYearAngler's Name
Striped Bass63 lbsLake Russell2009Terry McConnell
White Bass5 lbs 4.8 ozLake Murray2006Davis P. Jefferies, Jr.
Hybrid Bass20 lbs 6 ozSavannah River1978Danny Wood
White Perch (tie)1 lb 15.2 ozLake Wylie2007Rodger W. Taylor
(Allison Creek)
White Perch (tie)1 lb 15.84 ozLake Marion2016Frank Drose, Sr.
Largemouth Bass (tie)16 lbs 2 ozLake Marion1949P.H. Flanagan
Largemouth Bass (tie)16 lbs 2 ozAiken Co. Pond1993Mason Cummings
Spotted BassLake Jocassee2001David Preston
Smallmouth Bass9 lbs 7 ozLake Jocassee2001Terry Dodson
Redeye Bass5 lbs 2.5 oz Lake Jocassee2001Randy Dickson
Bluegill (Bream)3 lbs 4 ozLancaster Co.1973J.P. Hegler
Shellcracker5 lbs 7.5 ozDiversion Canal1998Amos Gay
Redbreast*2 lbsLumber River1975D. R. Turner
Warmouth2 lbs 2.5 ozClarendon Co.1973W. Singletary
Flier1 lb 4 ozHemingway1977Steve Bryant
Pumpkinseed2 lbs 4 ozNorth Saluda River1997Scott Hart
White Crappie5 lbs 1 ozLake Murray1949Mrs. H.P. Owens
Black Crappie5 lbsLake Moultrie1957P.E. Foust
Brook2020-04-10 00:00:00Chattooga below Burrell’s Ford2010Wes Coker
Brown17 lbs 9.5 ozLake Jocassee1987Larry Edwards
Rainbow11 lbs 5 ozLake Jocassee1993Scott Coggins
Sauger4 lbs 7 ozLake Thurmond1985Broadus Moody
Yellow3 lbs 4 ozLake Keowee1979Danny Scarborough
Walleye10 lbsLake Russell1994Robert Huskins
Chain (Jack)6 lbs 4 ozChessey Creek1981Randall Spell
Redfin Pike1 lb 8.8 ozBluff Lake1983Albert Johnson
Muskellunge22 lbs 8 ozBroad River2004Zavier Jefferies
Blue113.8 lbsLake Moultrie2017Paula D. Haney
Bullhead6 lbs 6.3 ozBroad River2009George Eleazer
Channel*58 lbsLake Moultrie1964W.H. Whaley
Flathead84 lbs 9.6 ozCooper River2018Paul Daniels
White12 lbs 2.9 ozLake Murray2014Charles Earp
Mudfish (Bowfin)*21 lbs 8 ozForest Lake1980Robert Harmon
American Shad7 lbsSantee River1985Sylvester Casselman

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