90-Year-Old Minnesota Angler and Grandson Catch Impressive Muskie

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Age is Just a Number. Sometimes That Number is Higher…

90 Year Old Minnesota Angler Catches Massive Muskie with Grandson
Harvey Hollenback and grandson Cameron Ling show off their impressive 44-inch muskie (photo via Deluth News Tribute)

When we cover fun, “age-related” fishing stories, it is usually because a young angle has landed an impressive catch.

Look at the state record fish caught in 2019 for proof of that!

A story coming out of Central Minnesota, however, takes an entirely different direction.

Harvey Hollenback, a resident of Breezy Point, Minnesota, was recently out on a fishing trip with his grandson, a Cameron Ling of Dallas, Texas.

As many generational relationships go, the duo has been fishing together numerous times over the years, but they had never really targeted muskie.

Wade Brill, a neighbor of Hollenback, offered to take the duo out on the water.

After casting just once and trolling for around an hour, the trio saw a a muskie’s dorsal fin protrude from the water — a sign that the fish may be ready to feed.

An Experience They Will Never Forget

After emerging, the fish hit the lure within a couple minutes. Ling opted to fight the fish, engaging in battle for around fifteen to twenty minutes while his grandfather looked on.

Upon bringing the fish to the boat, they group was elated to see that they had landed an impressive fish.

Spanning 44 inches in length and 19 inches around, it may not have been the world’s largest muskie. That said, it’s hard to put a price on such a good story.

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